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HRC can contain any hazardous effect of discovered asbestos with a ‘make safe’ known as asbestos encapsulation. If your project is suitable for encapsulation, you could save thousands from the alternative solution of asbestos removal.

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Make Safe

There are instances where it may be safer, easier, and cheaper not to permanently remove the discovered asbestos, but instead to take steps to temporarily make the affected area safe to access for a limited period. 

HRC has a team of experts that contain the hazardous effect of discovered asbestos with a ‘make safe’ such that will allow unprotected persons to access the area.

Asbestos Encapsulation Sydney

It may be the right option, given your particular circumstances, to encapsulate discovered asbestos material, instead of removing it completely.

For the possibly safer and cheaper option, HRC are able to use a bridging and penetrating sealant to seal off the hazardous material, and create what is essentially a separated, solitary environment untouched by the outside world and unable to be affected by it. If this is the right step for your situation, we can make sure that this is done efficiently and while you remain undisrupted.

The process requires expert intervention, as disturbing asbestos materials can cause asbestos fibres to be released into the air, causing the situation to become harder to control and contain. While encapsulating has become a more preferred method in recent times, it is not recommended if you are planning to renovate or trouble the site in the near or distant future.

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